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The Only Way to Quench Your Thirst For Quality Wine

by Ingrid on March 16th, 2014

Wine-Enthusiast-12-Bottle-Wine-CoolerWine is considered the most lavish and aristocratic drink till date. Style and attitude goes hand in hand with aristocracy, and if this is to be put in terms of wine then with expensive and flavorsome wines the involvement of wine coolers goes without question.

Now, selecting the best and suitable wine cooler to serve your purpose is not an easy task, especially when there are a number of wine coolers to choose from. Hence, a thorough reading of this article will give an insight on the types of wine coolers available and which one to opt for.

Wine coolers are categorized primarily into single zone, dual zone and built-in wine coolers.

  • Single Zone: If you are new to the world of wine cooling then it’s highly advisable that you start your journey by owning a single zone wine cooler. The single zone coolers are less expensive as compared to the other models mentioned and it will give you a fair idea on the type of cooling and taste you are looking for. As the name suggests, single zone cooling has a single temperature controlling regulator and a single area of effective cooling. A novice can start learning a thing or two about wines by owning single unit wine coolers and once he is confident about his knowledge can gradually proceed to the higher models.
  • Dual Zone: This type of cooler is for those who have a fair knowledge on the various types of wines available, their cooling temperature and their desired taste. The price of this cooler is on a higher side and has got two zones of cooling area and temperature regulator. This type of coolers is specially made for those who have a hobby of collecting various wines.
  • Built-in Wine Coolers: This type of wine coolers is exclusively meant for those adept wine lovers who not only love to collect wines but also literally study the taste, texture and temperature of all the wines known till now. These coolers have all the specifications that an electric appliance is expected to have. They are stylish in appearance and thus add statement of aristocracy to your kitchen or bar counters.

This article is a quick start guide for you if you take your wines seriously. Choose from the many available models in the market and enjoy your wine like never before.

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