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The Best Way To Remove Smoke And Odor From Your House

by Ingrid on March 15th, 2014

Many people might not know that ionic air purifiers are the second most loved air purifiers in the market. These air purifiers are marked by the ease of use and low-maintenance as compared to other variants of air purifiers.

The working principle of these purifiers is simple. Most of the dust, dirt and allergens found inside a room are positive ions. The purifier discharges negative ions that get attracted and bound to these positive ions. These combined ions get heavy afterward and fall on the ground. Hence thorough vacuuming of the room is important to get rid of this dirt.

One problem with using ionic air purifiers is that most of the room is actually positively charged. The negative ions might get attracted to the wall and create dark spots. These spots are usually prevalent in the areas around the filter. To counter this problem, some purifier models include an electrostatic precipitator that attracts the particles and stops them from ruining the walls and furniture. The metallic precipitator needs to be cleaned regularly otherwise it loses its efficiency.

Low Maintenance And Low Noise:

These purifiers have no filters hence no need to replace costly filters after every few months. There are no built-in fans or motors in ionic air purifiers hence they do not emit much noise making them perfect for operation during the night time. The negative ion generator does all the work to keep the air inside the room clean.

The Honeywell HHT – 090 (see here) is an effective HEPA ionic air purifier with amazing performance. It can neutralize air pollutants up to 2 Microns in size. This purifier can be cleaned just by vacuuming the filter. This filter can also remove cat dander and pollens effectively which is boon for allergic people.

Ease of use, installation and operation make ionic filters the second most loved variant in the air purifier market (obviously, HEPA wins). If you are looking for a cheap and easy to maintain air purifier then you should invest in one too. It will definitely be worth the cost.

More information can be found at Air Reflect

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