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Mar 15 14

How (and Where) to Choose a Convection Oven

by Ingrid

kitchenChoosing a convection oven seems to be a simple task. It’s a rectangular thing that comes in many sizes and variations, with a few buttons and heating technology that will create a flow of air inside the oven. But considering the advancements in technology, choosing an oven is not that simple anymore. You can choose from convection ovens with whisper quiet technology or ovens that multiply the air flow and even remote operated ovens.

The KitchenAid, DeLongi and Breville ovens seem to steal the show with effortless ease, especially models like the EO1270 that flaunt the patented defrosting technology. Boasting of having excellent air flow, this convection oven looks like a piece of decoration until turned on. Once in operation, this simple looking device will efficiently and evenly heat up your meals with a minimal risk of burning (thanks to the warning system).

Countertop models seem to be most popular choice, and Hamilton Beach is another brand that successfully entered this market. And as you can read at Kitchen Remodel World quite successfully too.

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