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How to Maintain a Steady and Healthy Heart Rate

by Ingrid on January 23rd, 2015

Having a healthy heart not only prolongs your life, but improves the quality of your life as well. The health of your heart is drastically affected by many factors such as the food you eat and the amount of physical exercise you perform. The heart rate of a healthy heart is 60 to 100 beats per minute and some of the most efficient ways of maintaining a healthy heart rate are these.

Eat Healthy

Obesity can adversely affect your heart rate as well, so one must take into account that the foods we consume aren’t high in cholesterol, fats or too oily. Eating vegetables and fruits can help you maintain a steady heart rate and also keep your weight in control. Eat fresh, don’t reheat


Steady and Healthy Heart RateToo much exercise might strain your heart and increase the heart rate but a bit of exercise is a must to keep your heart rate at a good pace. It doesn’t imply that you have to perform strenuous gym exercises — yoga, aerobics or jogging can all work fine. Daily exercise ensures a steady heart rate and a strong metabolism.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation can worsen your heart rate and your cholesterol. Heart rate is at its peak if you have had a physically busy or strenuous day and a sleep of 7-9 hours will help your heart stay in good shape.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

We all are very well familiarized with the hazards of smoking and alcohol. They both are tempting but if one wants a healthy, long life then one must also make the sacrifice.

Heart Rate Monitors

These are essential for the ones facing heart problems, it’s a good idea to keep track of the heart rate you have, so one can know if something is out of order and visit a doctor well in time. Athletes also use heart rate monitors to track their heart rates during workouts.

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